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Real estate is the largest asset class in the world: The value of global property is $228 trillion, which equals to 60% of all assets worldwide. The real estate industry is of particular importance for Germany and meanwhile accounts for approx. 18% of the gross value added of the German national economy.

As of now, the German real estate industry is considered a "sleeping giant" in terms of digital innovation. After decades-long reluctance, several sectors are now confronted with sustained transformation due to disruptive startups. Other sectors are at the very least presented with an enormous potential for optimization by digitalization, the utilization of which will ensure competitive advantages as well as an increase in profitability.

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German PropTech startups, of which more than 200 are active at the moment and whose numbers are growing by 82% every year, have set out to unlock these potentials, oftentimes in close partnership with traditional players. While a dedicated investor in Germany has been missing up until now, the investment activity in this sector is already at a high level and is growing strongly year by year. $12.6 billion were invested in 2017 alone.

PropTech1 Ventures is, to our knowledge, the first PropTech-focused VC fund in the German-speaking region. We invest specifically in the most promising PropTech companies in early stages and enable strategic partnerships and synergies through our close-knit network within the traditional real estate industry.

Benefits for Startups

As opposed to mainstream VCs, PropTech startups benefit in the partnership with us from our specialization, the expertise of our venture partners as well as the broad network within the traditional real estate industry. This sector-specific approach is complemented by the well-documented methodological competence of the COOPERATIVA Venture Group (whose Managing Partners, for example, are the authors of the standard reference book DEALTERMS.VC).

Benefits for co-investors and industry partners

Through collaboration with us, we offer real estate industry partners - alongside the financial yield prospects of the PropTech investments - in particular the opportunity for a first-hand impression of the various potentials beyond mere theoretical exercises that arise from digitization through direct cooperation with startups. Since our team speaks the language of both worlds, we can build precise bridges that bring added value both to the startups as well as the industry partners.


Simplifa, the digital property manager for elevators

Company description


Simplifa offers real estate owners an all-round service in the area of elevator management with the help of smart building and Internet of Things technologies and already manages more than 1,000 elevator systems today. Elevators are a pain point for their owners: The operation and maintenance costs of the elevator generate some of the highest costs per square feet in the property and elevator downtimes cause extreme user dissatisfaction, high administrative burden for property managers and can even lead to justified rent reductions. Implementing operational obligations, such as maintenance, documentation and repair, lies in the primary responsibility of the property owners. However, due to high cost and often lack of expertise, this happens usually not only inefficiently, but also involves legal risks, for example due to failure to employ maintenance measures. In addition, there is a high information asymmetry between owner / property manager and elevator maintenance company, which often leads to disproportionately high maintenance costs.

Simplifa structures, optimizes, and manages elevator portfolios for its customers. The startup serves as a central point of contact for owners and elevator service companies and acts as an expert on an equal footing in negotiations. Each elevator undergoes a technical inspection and is recorded in 360° shots to simulate a virtual “elevator twin”. In the event of system malfunctions, the maintenance company can ensure a much faster and more targeted repair thanks to the "elevator twin" without prior dispatch of a technician. Thanks to Simplifa, the operating and maintenance costs of the elevators are regularly reduced by about 30% while maintaining the same quality. In the future, the transmission of sensor data will provide a manufacturer-independent real-time analysis for a predictive maintenance system, which will reduce the manual test frequency of the elevators and avoid costly downtimes in advance.

Why we have invested

So far there has not been a digital specialist that offers real estate owners an all-round carefree solution. That there is a need for this has been confirmed by the fact that Simplifa has already been able to win various customers from all asset classes. Simplifa highlights the tremendous potential for optimization in this large, previously unaddressed market and provides, through technological solutions, a win-win-win situation for property owners, elevator maintenance companies, and tenants.

The founding team was especially convincing. Thanks to years of work for Otis, Ludwig von Busse knows the industry inside out. Hubertus von Schierstaedt contributes his interdisciplinary management and finance know-how from more than a decade as managing director and active partner of various construction and real estate companies.

From a venture capital viewpoint, the business model is economically attractive: The contracts with Simplifa are issued on a subscription basis, which means that recurring revenues are generated through long-term customer relationships.

The team and the direction of PT1 inspired us from day one! The professional determination with which the investment process was conducted and the international network they opened to us reveals the entrepreneurial spirit not only of the actors involved but of the whole environment at PT1. You can only wish for such partners on your side - Simplifa is looking forward to the future together!

-- Hubertus von Schierstaedt, Managing Director and co-founder of Simplifa

INPERA, the digital procurement platform for construction materials, secures seed investment

Company description

Jannes Viebrock

INPERA is devel­oping the digital pro­cure­ment plat­form for the con­struc­tion industry to stan­dar­dize the order­ing processes between suppliers and contractors. One third of the construction costs are caused by material costs; in Germany, this amounts to 77 billion euros annually. Due to strong market fragmentation on the supplier side, costly product and price search, inefficient order channels, and uncertain availability, the 360,000 German construction companies and craft businesses have been allocating too many resources to material procurement. On its digital commerce platform, INPERA offers these companies increased price transparency, time savings, service, and already Germany's largest assortment through a high level of material data and intelligent data-driven interfaces. By bundling procurement channels, automating information flows, standardizing interfaces, establishing process standards, and providing qualitative master data, INPERA will redefine construction processes in the future.

Why we have invested

One of the deciding factors was the unfair advantage of the team. Managing Director Jannes Viebrock has acquired extensive knowledge of the construction materials industry over the past 15 years as he has worked for major construction materials distributors and manufacturers as well as one of the leading consulting companies in this field, and thus on both sides of the procurement process in the construction industry, which is in dire need of optimization.

The real estate industry in general has in many ways stopped evolving in the 1980s. The construction industry in particular, however, has not fundamentally advanced even in 100 years. Here we see enormous, far overdue digitalization potential and consider INPERA the currently most promising project.

PropTech1’s widespread network and their valuable support with structuring the round is a real asset.

-- Jannes Viebrock, Managing Director and co-founder of INPERA

Seniovo, Germany’s first one-stop solution for barrier-free reconstruction

Company description

Managing directors of Seniovo

Seniovo enables people in need of care to stay at home by offering age-appropriate and barrier-free reconstruction measures – in many cases without additional payment of private funds.

The issue of home care is affecting more and more people: Demographic change is leading to an aging society. The number of people in need of care in Germany today is just under 3 million. This number will increase by at least 500,000 in the next ten years. At the same time, there is a lack of nursing staff and homes. Furthermore, 90% of senior citizens in need of care prefer to live at home, but just 2% of all homes and apartments are barrier-free. Thus, there is an enormous need. Although health and long-term care insurance companies usually cover the costs of barrier-free reconstruction and accompanying measures in order to save the persons in need of care from moving to a nursing home, these funds are often not retrieved because the persons concerned lack the knowledge or are overwhelmed by the non-transparent market of handymen.

Seniovo acts as a one-stop solution, offers targeted advice, and digitalizes the application and execution process completely up to the implementation of the measures on site with their own handymen or certified partners. Thanks to Seniovo, health insurance companies benefit from a reduction of administrative burden. At the same time, the costs for ambulatory care services are also reduced in barrier-free apartments. Up to now, Seniovo has been offering reconstruction measures for the bathroom throughout Germany and will offer more products in the future.

Why we have invested

Seniovo offers a service with an urgent and growing demand. The business model is attractive and scalable. On top of that, Seniovo makes an important social contribution and that makes barrier-free reconstruction much easier for people who are already working to capacity by caring for relatives or patients.

The investor consortium has proven to be very valuable from day one. With PropTech1, we have gained our desired investor, whose partners contribute countless years of experience as entrepreneurs themselves and, in addition to capital, provide us with accelerated access to a broad network in the real estate industry.

-- Jonathan Kohl, Managing Director and co-founder of Seniovo


Archilyse, the Swiss Army knife for real estate data analysis

Company description

Archilyse Team

Archilyse measures data-based archi­tectural character­istics of real estate properties and provides these for project developers, architects, and asset owners as a software as a service (SaaS) solution for optimizing a variety of processes in the real estate value chain. Through data enrichment, Archilyse's algorithms can portray this real estate data to a new extent and quality. To this end, floor plans of the respective properties are loaded onto the Archilyse Cloud, which are then converted into geo-referenced, three-dimensional BIM light models. This data enhancement optimizes and automates a wide range of use cases: The Archilyse software enables an automated compliance check regarding local building standards in the planning phase. Asset owners and managers can digitalize their portfolio and use data enrichment to determine more precise real estate values, for example the quality of the location and the view or the amount of sunshine, and thus competitive rental prices. Room planners, interior designers, and consultants have access to visualizations and room utilization analyses.

Why we have invested

In addition to the product, which raises enormous value creation potential without the need for time-consuming handling of data points, we were especially impressed by the founder Matthias Standfest. After his Ph.D., he has conducted extensive research on real estate data analysis at ETH Zurich and has established Archilyse using his findings. The result is a target-oriented application of big data in the real estate industry, which represents a major step in its long-dormant digitalization endeavor.


Real estate entrepreneur Marius Marschall von Bieberstein and the COOPERATIVA Venture Group, managed by the two long-standing venture capital experts Anja Rath (Arnold) and Nikolas Samios, head the investment activities of PropTech1 Ventures. They are supported by renowned experts with particular focus areas. We thus combine market access as well as know-how of the traditional real estate industry, the PropTech scene and the venture capital sector.

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As Managing Partner of the COOPERATIVA Venture Group, a 360° platform for venture capital, and former Managing Director of Brandenburg Ventures, the investment vehicle of MP3 inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg, Anja Rath (Arnold) is an expert for startup financings and exits, venture fund governance, compliance and risk management.

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As Partner of the real estate project development company evoreal (>€500 million in project volume), PropTech business angel, and board member of the highly-respected venture capital investor Project A, Marius Marschall combines long-standing experience in the real estate industry with excellent insights into the digital scene.


Nikolas Samios, also Managing Partner of the COOPERATIVA Venture Group, has participated in more than 200 transactions on both sides of the table and is a proven expert in all things venture capital methodology due to publications such as the book DEALTERMS.VC and various specialist articles as well as being co-initiator of the German Startup Standards Board.


Dr. Beat Schwab - Venture Partner

Beat Schwab prior positions include Head Global Real Estate Asset Management at Credit Suisse, one of the world's largest real estate asset managers, as well as CEO of Wincasa, Switzerland's leading property manager. As one of the definite leaders in European large scale asset and property management, he complements the expertise of the management excellently and makes his network from his decade-long career in the real estate sector available.

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Serial entrepreneur and former CTO & co-founder of Thermondo, a leading German provider for heating solutions (partial exit), is, also by being an active PropTech angel, deeply rooted in the German startup scene and our go-to person for all topics relating to construction and energy.

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As (co-)founder of eDarling and MyVideo, German „Business Angel of the Year 2017“, and board member of the German Startups Association, Christian Vollmann is one of the most prominent faces in the German startup ecosystem. As founder of his current project, he has established a social network for neighborly living.

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Andreas Wende has decades-long experience in prominent positions at Deutsche Telekom, JLL, Savills, and currently as Managing Partner of NAI apollo and the Arena Group. He therefore has great expertise in the real estate industry, while at the same time being active in the digital real estate scene for several years as business angel and startup advisor for e.g. the PropTech startups Allthings and Evana.

Peter Staub.jpg


Peter Staub is CEO and founder of pom+, the leading Swiss consulting firm that advises real estate companies on digitization strategy and technology deployment. Peter Staub is regarded as one of the most active experts in the Swiss PropTech segment and organizes the annual Digital Real Estate conference, holds the "Digital Real Estate" chair at the Zurich University of Economics (HWZ), is responsible for the LAB100 innovation laboratory, and is an active PropTech business angel.

Nicholas Neerpasch.png

Nicholas Neerpasch - Venture Partner

Nicholas Neerpasch has been an expert in all facets of the real estate industry for years. As diploma architect, he initially worked for architecture firms such as Zaha Hadid in London, then switched to real estate consulting at EY, and later went into project and construction management as Managing Director of the GFP Group. In 2014, he founded the PropTech startup Doozer, a marketplace for modernization management that has been funded by several millions of euros.



As serial entrepreneur with exceptional exits such as AOL Europe ($6.8 billion), Expertcity ($225 million), and a NASDAQ IPO with the PropTech company AppFolio ($420 million; 300%+ since IPO), Andreas von Blottnitz is equipped with an excellent network within the technology sector worldwide - from Berlin to Silicon Valley.

Jan Henric Buettner.jpg


As founder of / BV Capital, an international VC platform with a fund volume of $1 billion (approx. $3 billion distributed to investors), Jan Henric Buettner is the German venture capital pioneer and boasts exits such as a NASDAQ IPO as well as trade sales to companies like eBay, Yahoo, Google, KKR, BestBuy, and RedHat.

Vitali Ivantsov_sw.jpg

Vitali Ivantsov Principal

Vitali is a Certified Private Equity Analyst (Technical University of Munich - School of Management) and has International Business degrees from the HTW Berlin and Ukraine. He possesses substantial VC transaction know-how, both in the areas of investment as well as portfolio management, and heads the deal flow team in this function together with Nikolas.


Jan Gierkes - Associate

Jan holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Banking from the University of Amsterdam as well as a Bachelor’s in Economics from the Free University of Berlin. During his studies, he has acquired relevant finance experience at the Netherlands’ Central Bank and the PropTech startup Homebell. As Associate, Jan supports the PropTech1 deal flow team.

Theo Bonick_sw.jpg

Theo Bonick – Corporate Communications / PR

Theo gained an interdisciplinary BA from the Free University of Berlin and the University of Colorado and subsequently worked at various startups in the editorial department as well as in online and content marketing. Theo joined up with the COOPERATIVA team in the context of an IPO project and is now responsible for investor & public relations as well as marketing at PropTech1.

Uta Wasserberg.jpg

Uta Wasserberg - Fund Administration

Uta has a diploma degree in Business Administration (Technical University of Berlin) with focus on taxation. After years of experience in controlling, reporting, and tax and liquidity planning, she now supports our team in the business administration area.

Nicoe Kemmel_sw.jpg

Nicole Kemmel – Financial Administration / Backoffice

Nicole is a qualified paralegal and has supported the COOPERATIVA team with business administration of various investment processes and portfolio administration for several years. Under the tutelage of Anja, she also serves as the interface to all external service partners.